Knack's Zapier module does not support seaches -Here's a simple way to do it using 'code by Zapier'

Knack's Zapier integration does not yet support Searches.

Here is the workaround using 'code by zapier' and fetch.

This is a really easy and powerful way to take your Zapier integrations to the next level.

In this example we are:

1. Triggering on a new Woocommerce order

2. Running the script below in 'code by Zapier' to see if a Knack user already exists.

3. Only continuing if the user does exist

4 & 5. parsing the get.request's response to retrieve the of the matching record.

6. Creating a new Payment record in Knack that is connected to the Customer

7. Setting some values in 'Storage by Zapier' for use in other zaps (to create line items) connected to the same Payment and Customer.

*This Zap is complemented by 2 others not included here. One to handle instances where the customer does not already exist - which creates a new customer and then stores that value along with the payment record id.. And 2 more to create line items connected to the 'stored values' from step 7 for cases where the customer already existed or did not already exist.

**The result of the 4 zaps working together is 1 new payment record for each New woo commerce order either connecting to the existing customer or connected to the newly created customer and also connected to each of the multiple line items from the order.

*** We are using the 'use a custom value (Advanced)' option to set the connection fields.

Here's what that looks like:

(Here's what this one looks like in Zapier:

Code for Step 2: Replace the values in yellow