Knack is alphabetizing grouped entries (SOLVED)

I am submitting API data via cURL and here is an example of part of my submission:

“field_65”:[{“id”:“648b76dbdc31150029xxxxxx”,“identifier”:“Person One”},{“id”:“648b77e49a7ea40027xxxxxx”,“identifier”:“Another Person”},{“id”:“64874377b110820027xxxxxx”,“identifier”:“Just One More”}],

The data gets entered into your database but instead of staying in the order that I have submitted them, they get saved and returned to me in alphabetical order. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to prevent this?

Here is the return from the server after I submit it which is now out of order:

"field_65":"<span class=\"648b77e49a7ea40027xxxxxx\">Another Person
<span class=\"64874377b110820027xxxxxx\">Just One More
<span class=\"648b76dbdc31150029xxxxxx\">Person One",
"field_65_raw":[{"id":"648b77e49a7ea40027xxxxxx","identifier":"Another Person"},{"id":"64874377b110820027xxxxxx","identifier":"Just One More"},{"id":"648b76dbdc31150029xxxxxx","identifier":"Person One"}],\


You’ll probably need to add a ‘date created’ field and sort by that date field.

Here’s the docs for sorting:


Thanks but no. These names are called from another linked database so modifying the names like putting a number in front of them (for sorting purposes) isn’t possible. These three names are all entered within one field and I want them back out in the same order that I put them in. Knack is changing the data within my entered field.

Knack replied and appears to have shown me the way to fix the issue.