Knack + HERE Maps

One of the things we're most proud of at Knack is keeping our pricing low by being smart about our infrastructure expenses. In order for this to remain true, we're making a strategic switch - from Google Maps to HERE Maps.

We’ve always used Google to drive our map and geolocation services. Unfortunately, Google has dramatically raised their prices, to the point that continuing to use their services is no longer tenable with our pricing.

The good news is that we're moving to another high-quality map service so that your map functions will continue seamlessly. After much research, HERE Maps beat out the competition and we're excited to continue to offer a powerful maps integration with our current pricing. Many other services, including Facebook, have switched to HERE Maps.


It’s possible you may want to continue using Google Maps, perhaps due to custom code or specific address accuracy. We’re providing an option to upload your own API key to do so. Please note you will be responsible for any Google charges for usage beyond their free limits.

Please check out this "Map Provider" help article for detailed info about HERE Maps, including the options available if you'd like to stick with Google Maps.

What you need to know

  • This is live as of Tuesday, 6/4 at 4pm Eastern time.
  • If you have no concerns with using HERE maps, then there’s no need to do anything else! You can always add your own Google Maps API Key down the road if you'd like.
  • If you'd like to enter your own Google Maps API key to continue using Google Maps, follow the instructions here. This needs to be updated on each app where you would like to continue using Google Maps.

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