Javascript to select drop down value

I have a drop down, that I want to default to one selection.

How can I do this with javascript?


I have the same problem. The drop down is a connected field to another table, which has more than 1000+ entries.

I found a solution that works well with less than 500 entries, but not above that because the drop down switches mode and uses a search field for more performance.

Here's the code that works for small tables:

//Small Drop down, with 40 items - works ok.
$("#view_36-field_71").val("5d65980eed26072f431c7d8b"); //Points to data "1029" in my case, for example.

Now with huge tables it stops working, due to that search field.

I've been desperately trying to set the search string to a specific value and programmatically select that unique found string. But the search string is very obscure. I can't set its val() in any way.

Any help would be appreciated.