📣 It's time for an improved live app!

I have always been concerned about adding much JS and CSS to the apps I build for people but without it they just don’t look good enough at the moment.

Totally - we look at this as hopefully a way to reduce the need for this level of custom code going forward.

If changes were to come about which drastically broke apps I would not have the capacity to fix them in a reasonable period of time - so fingers crossed.

A breaking change that may be considered drastic would be reserved for the new theme, in order to keep your current customized apps intact.

What are your thoughts on the cost it would require to update minor customizations in specific areas when we update features that require breaking changes (such as a drag-and-drop file uploader)?

Is the issue in supporting many clients’ apps? Or is it more about locating/identifying the code and having the information needed to remediate?

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This is a comforting! Great to hear.

I have been with you guys a long time!

Jessie, thank you for taking the time to feedback. It’s reassuring to know that there will likely be a new theme to test changes in and sufficient time and notice to update code if required.

I’m a very low code Knackster, mainly CSS for coloured buttons, sticky headers, borders and the like.
Other heavy lifting for workflow is done with Integromat so have a number of JavaScript webhooks.
Currently just under 100 active scenarios across eight clients.

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Have been waiting with baited breath for a more modern usable look and feel. Can’t wait! We’d much prefer to stick with Knack than try one of the other tools out there that do look and feel well, but don’t compete with Knack on functionality.

What was good about the new builder roll out, was being able to copy an app and switch on new builder on the copy to see how it goes. Not sure if that would work in this case since you’ll be rolling out regular changes but something like that would certainly help, in our apps that have been customised with code.

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Hi Knack team. Great to hear about the new theme coming. One of my biggest needs currently is the option to add toggle options when using multiple steps forms. Meaning when adding more than one sub-item you may consider moving to have an empty table raw to fill with a toggle option to add more lines instead of filling forms on a child page. This will improve dramatically the end-user experience.!


Thanks for the Update Knack. Good to know that you can invest your energy elsewhere now that the new builder has been deployed.

However I would have liked to see some priority given to Reports. A couple of options from the top of my mind that will help drastically is the following:

  • Running Sums (e.g. in pivot tables)
  • Group dates by Quarters.
  • New charts, e.g. funnel chart
  • Customize color of each chart



Hi @Jessie

Sorry not to have responded before now - I think my concern is both finding any potential issues and time to repair - and what are clients going to say when you need to do this / are they going to be happy to pay for the time?

Most of us (even Expert Network members) are No Coders and so any actual coding we are forced to do is not by choice. Several of us have a set of more or less standard code snippets we use for a variety of things (I always start a new app by copying in a more or less standard set of CSS for example which provides classes for coloured buttons, a standard background, settings for List view etc). However we are generally NOT experts in either CSS or JS and so may not be that well placed to work out any issues.

Personally, my personal ideal would to be able to build apps with no code in them at all.


Hi @Fabi - reports are on our radar, but not specifically an area we’re focused on at the moment. With that said, we’ll be exploring opportunities with this body of live app work to update the plugin tools we use, such as the one that generates our report views. Hopefully this will afford us some quick wins for report enhancements.

Thanks for the feedback and look forward to hearing more about what you need. Please be sure that your requirements/user stories are covered in the feature requests category!

Thanks for expanding on that concern! We’ll keep this is mind when planning the feature releases.

Something we’re considering is the possibility of flipping the plan shared above. So we could release the new theme first (in beta, that you’d opt-in to). This would allow us to make the foundational breaking changes that we’d then build on iteratively, while allowing older apps to remain intact with their existing code.

The benefit there for you, would be that you can decide at what point you want to bite the bullet and make the switch to this new theme, without having to constantly go back into code and update it every time we release a small feature that requires a new structure.

(I had missed this thread)

FANTASTIC!! Looking forward to this shift of resources to modernize the Live App and delete my beautiful code.!! (just 50 lignes in JS and in CSS)

I will add that the new forum is great and you writing style is very nice, lively, and interesting giving some historical perspective some time.

I want to bite all the bullets!


One useful View is a Gant style calendar for project: people / time / activities.

(while finishing the MySQL database speed, and adding field conections inputs to Email Rules :wink: )

great news! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Thanks for joining this thread @MichaelG! We’re glad you’re as excited as we are for these forthcoming product updates. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

adding to Item Properties…

Label Format: center
Styles: H3, Underlined
Colors: font, background

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Great news. I would be really keen to have the ability to add check boxes to tables without code and then use the new improved rules to update selected records ie append or add users to records.


We’re excited! Ship it!! :muscle: :raised_hands: :ship:

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By the way, talking about design for the Live App…

The LAYOUT functionalty

should be ubicated in the Settings design & LAYOUT:

Or maybe there is a reason that escape me.

Hi team. Being a no code developer it would be nice to have more control over the layouts , I look forward to the updates to the CSS control

Check out this new post on our first feature we’re working on for the live app updates: Live App: View Link Styles, and let us know what you think over there!

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I have just created a New Feauture Request related to Live App Design.

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We’ve got another feature in the works! On the heels of View Link Styles, we’re creating similar global style options for Menu Views. Please check out: Live App: Global Menu View Styles, and let us know what you think over there!

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