Is it possible to upload a file from a url

We have a customer portal that currently requires customers to input their delivery orders via a form one at a time. We would like to provide the option to batch upload the DOs using a csv file. I know how to prompt the user to select their csv file from their desktop and save the data in the csv file as new records in the DO table. What I need help with is what options I have for uploading a pdf file to a field in the DO table. From what I can tell, the only option is to prompt the user to select the pdf from their desktop. Ideally, we would like to have a url with the file location in the csv file and upload it directly from the url. Is this possible?

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Look at
(Importing a CSV File using your own code)

I wrote this a while ago so don;t know if it works on the new builder.


Peter, yes I have this type of code working. It’s only the first part of what I’m trying to achieve within our customer portal which is to offer customers the ability to batch upload delivery orders by selecting a csv file. Like I said, I got the first part working, I am able to create parent and child records from the data in the csv file. However, included in the parent record is a required pdf file so while the csv rows are being processed, the code prompts the user to select the pdf to be uploaded which is painful because the user has to upload a pdf for every row in the csv file. Our customer would like to skip that step and specify the file url in the csv so they could eliminate the task of downloading all of the pdf’s out of their system and onto their desktop just to batch upload them into our customer portal. Does anyone know how to upload a pdf into knack if it’s url location is known?