How to provide the ability for a user to upload a CSV

Hi there.

I am currently evaluating and so hacking around with data and what’s possible.

One of my challenges to design and functionality is that I have a user that needs to be able to upload a file that contains data points in two columns.

For example
Word, Frequency
Hello, 20
Goodbye, 30

The easiest thing for them would be to copy and paste

“Hello, 20
Goodbye, 30”

into a form which is then submitted.

That form then adds that data to a table so that words and frequency could be seen side by side.

What makes sense to do here?

Thank you.

Hi @GSH, there is a JavaScript file upload method that has been previously mentioned in the forums via this link. It’s been a while since I’ve tested that piece of code, but it seemed to do the trick.
If you instead wanted to replace the file upload method with the user entering into a paragraph text box, you could edit the code to source from that instead and loop through each delimiter and row.

Thank you I will take a look at this.