Is it possible to redirect report "expand group" modal?

When creating a Report in Knack, like a bar chart, pie chart or pivot table, and selecting the option “click to expand group records”, Knack automatically creates a new modal popup attached to that report. It creates a different modal for each chart/table. If you have a dashboard with 10 charts, that means you end up with 10 modal popups - potentially all named the same thing and doing the same thing, but its 10 places to edit to make it look and feel the way you need it.

Is there any way to redirect the “expand group records” to an existing modal page, to avoid this silly duplication? Example attached - everyone one of these shows the same details of the same table.


Hi @LeighBerre96926 it is possible with Javascript.
Here’s my clunky code to redirect to a page when the first bar of a bar chart is clicked:

let bars = $('#view_XXXX g.highcharts-series-group > g.highcharts-series.highcharts-series-0.highcharts-tracker > rect');
bar[0].click(function() {
    window.location.href = '[your page url here]';

I’m sure there’s a better way to reference the bars using the HighCharts model but this works for us.

Thanks Brad, I’ll have a play with this, but for now Ive already adjusted all the modals so I’ll wait for the next time I’m making a change.

@BradStevens, is there a way you would dynamically apply filters depending on which bar is selected?