Intern messages between users

I am working on simple messaging system between my Knack database users. So messages are just new Object with these fields: "Subject" (short text), "Date/time send" (date/time), "Message text" (Rich text) and two connections "Members who will receive message" (many to many) and "Members who have read the message" (many to many). Then i want to show those message lists in two tables "My new messages" and "Messages i have read". I am triggering an action on "New messages" table when clicking "Read the message" to "update the record" and add "the logged-in Admin" to "Members who have read the message" field. The thing i am struggling with is that i don't want to show that message in "My new massages" table any longer. Any suggestions?

The problem, that Filter does not have condition for logged in user? Or?