Improvements in Tasks Needed

Current Scenario:

Daily, we need to update an object so that …

  1. Field A is reset to False, and
  2. Field A is set to True if Condition A is true (Condition A may have more than one logical comparisons)

Currently, we need to have …

  1. Task 1 to do the reset on all records of the Object
  2. Schedule Task 2 to action on Field A according to Condition A, after an estimated amount of time after Task 1 finishes.

What are the Issues:

  1. Running a job with 2 tasks consumes system resources unnecessarily.
  2. There is no way to ensure Task 1 finishes before Task 2.
  3. Between Task 1 and Task 2, users may change the value of Field A. My App is run by users around the world, so there is no good break time to schedule the task.

What Improvements to be Expected:
Within a Task, it will allow multiple conditions and actions. To illustrate, allow …
if Condition A, then do Action A
if Condition B, then do Action B
Otherwise, do Action Z (this is a catch all that places at the end of the action list)

More to Epect:
An App User can manually run a Task from a Menu Item or an Action Link, or a Button.

I agree that these options would be a great improvement. I too have a similar situation and use Integromat to do the multiple updates.