Improve Scrollbar Accessibility on Firefox

Based on the issue brought up by @RayWindlow47079 here, I’ve found a way you can improve the visibility and accessibility of scrollbars in the Knack Builder (and across all other websites) for Firefox.

  1. Type about:config in the address bar
  2. Enter each of the following Keys in the Search preference name field one at a time, and set them to the appropriate Value (by clicking the edit button or boolean switch).
    If any search turns up no results, select Boolean if the value is true/false or Number if the value is a number and click the :heavy_plus_sign: icon on the right, then change the value accordingly:
    • Key: widget.non-native-theme.gtk.scrollbar.thumb-size
      Value: 1.50
    • Key: widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size
      Value: 16
    • Key: widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override
      Value: 16
    • Key: widget.gtk.overlay-scrollbars.enabled
      Value: true

Once you’re done, your scrollbars should look a bit like this:

Note that this change will apply across all websites.


Hi mate thanks for that little snippet of information.

For years I used Chrome but it has become so bogged down with stuff I dont want (which is why I abandoned explorer years ago) that firefox seemed a quick compliant browser.
This is just one of the little annoyances we as users have to put up with.
Pray Mozilla don;t start loading up the browser to try and keep up with Chrome unnecessary overheads.