Icon with Action (Copy Data)

As an end user, I want to copy data from a cell in a table to insert elsewhere (lets say, a serial number of a gateway device). The cell is a link to another page, and the link type is a field. It is the data of this field that I want to copy.
Due to the link nature of the cell, it is a little finicky to select the data as text and copy.
As icons can be added to this cell, it would be amazing if there was an icon that comes pre-loaded with a copy command, so that when I click the icon, it copies the field data (not the link) to the clipboard.
I can then paste that data to my other system.
This is a silly little thing, and maybe a ‘preloaded icon’ is way more work than I understand to be able to properly credit, but if you never ask!..

Thank you for sharing your request @Guy1!
I’ll share this with our product team for future consideration.