Https update

:sunny: Hello!
We are releasing a small Security Best Practice adjustment to Knack today.
Pre-release, when you entered a website address (like into a link field without specifying “http://” or “https://”, our system would automatically add “http://” to the beginning of it when displaying it in a grid.
Now, we’re adding “https://” instead. This addition of the “s” helps make your links safer by ensuring they’re always secured.
Over 99% of public websites support the secure version of a url (“https://”), so you’ll likely not see much difference.
However, if you’re linking to an internal tool or site that doesn’t use “https://” and you’ve been entering the link without the “http://”, you might encounter issues.
This could happen if you’re typing the URL ( instead of copying and pasting it from the browser URL (which would automatically include “http://” or “https://”).
If you do come across any issues, you can type in the “http://” part yourself or copy/paste the url.
For example, instead of typing in, you would want to either type in or copy/paste the URL into the grid.