How to upload files to an FTP server from Knack

Hello Folks!

Today we want to share with you how to upload files and save them in an FTP server from the Knack database through a proxy.

Please keep in mind you must have some essential conditions in order to accomplish this.

We list the following requirements:

  • Have an FTP server configured
  • Web server to run endpoint that will upload files to FTP
  • A Knack application with an object and a form to make the post to the server

Step 1

The first thing you need is to have the access data and credentials configured for the FTP server, which are:

  • host: xxxxxxx,
  • port: 21,
  • user: xxxxxx,
  • password: xxxxxxxx

Step 2: 

Create an endpoint in NodeJS

Once you have the access data to the FTP server, the next step is to create an endpoint which will receive the file and upload it to the FTP server.

The code in the endpoint will look like this.


To see the code’s structure please enter this site:


Step 3: Create the app in Knack.

An object must be created containing a file type field which will be sent to the FTP Server.


Now, create a page and put a form to post to the object you just created.


Step 4

Finally, go to the JavaScript section in Knack, and add this simple code. Make sure you update the field_id with your own.

$(document).on('knack-form-submit.view_361', async function (event, view, data) {

       await $.ajax({

               url: `${FTP_API_SERVER}ftp`, // Endpoint URL

               type: 'POST', // Method

               data: { // Body JSON

                      file: data.field_399_raw.url,

                      filename: data.field_399_raw.filename


               dataType: 'json'




Are you ready to implement this from your Knack App?

Let us know how it goes…..

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Very cool thanks for sharing this one.

This are super solutions you are offering to the Knack community - thank you Noel