How to show more than 7 columns in a table

My table views seem to show only the first 7 fields in the data object. How can I increase this number? I plan to use CSS to make the columns more compact, so I can represent more data.

Oops, I thought I had double-checked that I added the fields to the table view. Sorry for the dumb question. It's working fine.

Okay Mark - have those fields been added to the table view?

If they have is there a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the table?

Thanks Brad, this is my first table. It shows the first few columns, then Edit and Details. I've tried shortening some field names or resizing the window, but those didn't help. Why does the table not show 401k, UBIT, Member, etc.

Never seen that before Mark - we have tables with way more than 7 columns displaying fine.

Can you share a screenshot?