How to Redirect To Page After Login & Customize?

Two questions:

  1. How do I rediect the user to a specific page after they login? After login, the user is just getting a blank page with the user links on top. I would like to redirect them to another page with links to different pages in the app. I would like to display a page that has all the different links to pages.

  2. I can’t figure out how to add user pages to the top menu tabs. See screenshot. I would like to have the user page APPEALS show up on the top tabular menu. I can add main pages to the menu but not user pages. If I cannot add user pages to the top menu, then I would at least like to be able to redirect the user to a start page that shows all the links after login.

Thank you in advance.

I’m not privvy to how you are intending these pages be used but it seems to me that APPEALS and EBILLING REVIEW are probably not really meant to be USER pages? User pages are meant to be for modifying information about the user - e.g. change of password - not for modifying core application information.

It seems to me that APPEALS and EBILLING are the focus of the application, so I would have though that APPEALS would be an application page (perhaps filtered so it only showed appeals related to the user). If that were the case, then they would show up on the Menu.

Hello Scott,

You can achieve this using javascript. Like after login and if the user redirects to a common page, you can then check the user role, and based upon the role you redirect the user to particular pages.

Sunny Singla

@Scott4 - The below video shows how you can use user roles and page rules to redirect people. This method also means you only have to have one URL for the whole app.

Home Page Redirect - Knack Database

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