How to prevent user from entering the wrong Date and Phone number format?

Here is a simple question that I can’t figure out. How do I prevent a person from entering an incorrect phone number or date format? I know how to do this in access and other data base but this one I can’t. When I test out my form I am able to enter a format like (11 ) for phone number and (12/22) for a date format that’s (mm/dd/yyyy) and it will save with no error. With the email address field it works perfectly. They enter the wrong format email it will give them an error message and will not save. How can I prevent a user from entering an incomplete date and phone number format? Thanks

Hi Victor,

This is not natively possible (to my knowledge) but can be done with custom code. In the custom Javascript panel, you can modify the HTML when the form loads, or validate the data prior to form submission.

If your field was Short Text, you could use Regular Expressions (regex) to enforce a format. For example, go to Schema > Objects > Edit Field > Validation and select “does not match regular expression” as shown below:

However phone/date inputs do not support regex validation for some reason. This would be a good Feature Request.