How to make your Knack app intuitive and simpler for your users

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All apps are born with a purpose: to communicate with someone, meet a common need, or become a source of entertainment. But sometimes, to adapt to new user needs, our applications can grow so much that they become a maze of options, which makes it hell for the user to go from option A to option B.

However, at Soluntech, we are committed to the User Experience (UX), so we use this short article to show you how to go from a gigantic and complicated menu, like the one we see in the image below, to a shorter and more intuitive one. For this explanation, we will talk about some no- and low-code platforms that we constantly use to make our work easier and more efficient.

As we see in the image, we have a menu with 15 options for the user. To start optimizing it, the first thing you should do is identify the workflow of your application, what are the main functionalities, and how to reach them from each of the roles you have. For this, we recommend Mural, but you can also use Figma. Those platforms allow you to identify how some features are connected, which roles share views, and which functionality they belong to. All this will help us later to refactor our application.

After identifying the workflows and having them mapped, we will proceed to design the wireframes of our application. This is important because it will allow us to clearly visualize how what we did in the previous step will look on the screen. For this, you can again use Mural, Figma, or even do it by hand on paper.

After we have our layouts ready, we’ll go to the Knak app and use one of its most useful and little-known features. It will allow us to tourn our menu unto tabs. To activate this functionality, we only have to add a view type menu and activate the last 2 options.

This will allow us to organize our application so that we can include the pages within the main functionalities. Finally, our application will look like the image below.

These small changes can mean a big difference in our users’ experience, ensuring better navigability and comfort when using our app.

In conclusion, when creating an application, it is essential to always think about the user experience and design it in mind, thus avoiding high bounce rates or our solution failing in the market.

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing. Always key to keep the user interface intuitive and as simple as possible to help the customer journey. :rocket:

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