How To Make Record Dissapear Once Value Entered?

Once a user populates a field called “Attorney Comments” on my app, I would like the record to be hidden from the user after the change. Basically, once a user submits their comments in the field, the record essentially should be “closed” and hidden from view of the user. I still want the record to remain in the table.

I have user level login enabled and already setup to only show records associated to that user. I am just trying to figure out how to hide specific records once the user adds data to a specific field (IE. When field IS NOT EMPTY, hide the record from user).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. By the way, I love this APP!! Saves so much time instead of having to program and code this all. This is the future!

Hi Scott,

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To hide the record from a table or list:

  1. Click on the view (i.e. table or list).
  2. Click Source > “Show records that match Attorney Comments is blank”.

To hide the record from a details view:

  1. Click on the view.
  2. Create a Page Rule that says "When Attorney Comments is not blank, hide the view.

To learn more, feel free to check out the following resources:

Source Settings

Page Rules

This is great. Thanks!