How to integrate with codeigniter framework (PHP framework)

Is there any api to get data from knack and upload data into knack

I saw api documentation but doubt not cleared 
i am not able to understand 
My task is insert into knack from my local database and retrive value from knack
can you explain 

Mukesh- check knack API documentation you can find that .


Thank You for this ..

I have some doubt ..


from where i get url

Hi Mukesh,


Please check 

 If there is no security issue to explore API key you can use below code. Otherwise need to use knack forms . 

Get data from knack
url: ObjectURL,
type: "GET",
headers: { 'X-Knack-Application-Id': API_ID, 'X-Knack-REST-API-Key': API_Key },
success: function (response) {


Post data into knack

url: url, // +,
type: "POST",
headers: {
'X-Knack-Application-Id': API_ID, // change to your app's API info
'X-Knack-REST-API-Key': API_Key
data: data,
success: function (response) {



Sunny Singla