How to automatically open Google Maps populated with an address

Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically open Google Maps populated with an address?

I’m hoping it is possible rather than capturing the HTML from Google Maps manually for every address.


In the Builder, click on the Map view > Map Settings > set Starting Point to “specific address”.

If you had something else in mind, please share more details.


Thank you for the suggestion.

I was trying to re-create the map pin in Google contacts in a table like I’ve manually created here.

I’m hoping there may be a way to pass the data to Google Maps automatically rather than generating the map link manually. In this case I entered the address into Google Maps, selected Share and then Copy Link, to create the link.

I see, thanks for the details.

So, links on Google Maps are in the following format:

Create a field called Base URL:
Create a field that converts your address into NUMBER+STREET+CITY+STATE.
Then create another field that combines those fields.

Thank you.

How do I now turn this Text Formula field into a link/hyperlink to automatically open it when clicking it?


Create a Link field and set it to the value of the Text Formula field, using a Conditional Rule:

Perfect. Thank you for your prompt help.

Is it possible to have an icon only to click on rather than/instead of the hyperlink text?


Thanks to @KnackPros for the inspiration to do a deeper dive on this great solution.

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Hey @Dean2 - as per the video, you can use Windows or Mac emojis :+1: :rocket: :pushpin:

:computer: Windows keyboard tips and tricks

:green_apple: Use emoji and symbols on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Carl, your video couldn’t have summarised the steps and what I did in testing the steps better than if you’d been watching over my shoulder!

Your concatenation text formula was much more succinct than mine so I incorporated that into my code.

Thank you for supplying the final piece of the puzzle with the Windows Emojis. I’d seen your answer (We need more icons! - Feature Requests - Knack Community Forum) about the Emojis/Icons but had no idea you could use them in the Link Text for a Link field.

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Hi @Dean2 - I am very pleased that the video was of help, thanks to Ian @KnackPros for the inspiration :+1: