How do you handle field level security?

Just wondering how everyone handles this situation. I have opportunities and they are related to payments. I have page security so only certain people can view payments, but the problem is anything relating from them under opportunities are still fully visible. For example I have a related list view showing all payments under an opportunity which is still completely visible to everyone. I also have a roll up summary field showing the total of all related payments, which is also visible. I don't think it's possible to hide fields based on security, so do people actually make multiple pages and user interfaces for different roles? Seems like a lot of extra work to have one set of pages just for managers, then another for sales and so on. It's the only problem we have with knack. Thanks!

It's possible you're using roles in a way that it's ideal. I'm not sure what setup you're looking for but maybe this is what you're intending:

That's too bad, we are cancelling Knack due to this as it's not realistic to have so many pages for each role. Will maybe consider using it again in the future if they ever add field level security. Roles by pages are mostly useless as you need to make so many pages! It wouldn't be so bad if I could have one link on a page that if clicked goes to Page A if you are role A, goes to Page B if you are role B and so on, but you literally have to make 3x the pages if you have 3 roles.


Yes. page per role is how it is to be designed. You have the possibility the copy/paste pages to do it quickly.