How do I prevent deeper and deeper nested pages?

I think I'm missing something here so hope someone can help :)

I have multiple objects that have connections to each-other (let's say "Companies" and "Employees").

I created an overview page (list) of Companies and a second overview page (list) for Employees and in both lists you can click through to the detail page of that object so the structure looks like this:

| Company list

↳ Company detail

| Employee list

↳ Employee detail


So far so good. But now I want to show the company of that employee on their detail page, linking to the detail page of that company. And vice versa: the company detail page should show a list of employees.

But instead of linking to the previously created pages, Knack creates new underlying pages like this:

| Company list

↳ Company detail (1)

     ↳ Employee detail (2)

| Employee list

↳ Employee detail (1)

     ↳ Company detail (2)


How do I prevent this never-ending cascade of sub-pages that all need their own setup? :)


I believe I understand your question - every time you create a new table and want to link to "view" or "edit", you are creating new sub-pages that each need their own configuration.  This is useful when you are purposely linking to a new view with specific data shown, but problematic if you end up duplicating other important pages for no reason.

Instead, click the button that says "Link to another page", and then select the page you want to reference.  Keep in mind your options will be restricted based on the connections in your app and possibly the permission set that is required to access that page.

Once you add the link you can edit the column to change the text to say whatever you like and maintain consistency in your view.

I hope this helps.



Flo - one thing you could do here is to use a calendar to enter your bookings. Then, you will see others visually and would be unlikely to double book...

Is this inevitable? I have the same issue.

That is, for my company, at any given date we could have more than one booking.  I can't seem to find a way to avoid booking the same freelancer more than once a day.  I've been looking for a way where I can only book him once that day but it's looking like there a messy way around it if I'm not going to be using javascript or something. 

So far i didn't find this functionality in knack. i use my javascript for all those stuff create url at run time .

Is there now way to configure this behaviour by default? I can't imagine a use case for creating child pages over and over again and needing to manage al these copies of pages you already have. Bad for consistency, UX and SEO...

Guido this can be achieve using Custom javascript.

@sunny thx for your fast reply!

I'm not referring to adding fields, that indeed works fine. I should have made that clearer in my question above.

Maybe this screenshots makes it more clear what I mean:

What you see is that on the Company Details page I created a list overview of their employees (accounts) and clients (merchants). Each item in this list also has a "view details" link. So when I'm on the company detail page I can click on a link that can directly take me to a detail page of one of their employees or clients.

But as you can see on the left. Knack creates completely new pages for these, while I would like these to link to already existing detail pages.

Hope this makes my question clear :)

Hello Guido,

You can just add a employee table in company detail page connected to page company.

for Employee detail page when you see columns on right side there is a option to change table (Show all connected tables) and you can select company and then drag it's column there .


Sunny Singla