Horrific Lack of Response from customer service?

Hey Folks!

Really hate to be one of the “whiny” customers, but I am pretty frustrated at this point. Customer service has been practically non-responsive since 4/19, almost a month now.

Basically I asked them todo a straight forward app recovery going back less then 30 days (which is included in my service plan), on the agreed upon date of the recovery I got an email indicating that there was a miscommunication and the restored my previous version of the app instead of bringing the live app back. They indicated that they would revert to the “live version” ASAP. Obviously this was concerning as there was a period of time where my app was running a 20+ day old version of the app for my users to interact with. There was a no indication of timing on how long the wrong version of the app was live. I asked for a timeline of what happened and when so that I can verify what data might have been compromised.

This is when they basically stopped responding. I got a couple of emails indicating “hey so sorry we are swamped we will get to this ASAP”. After that, I didn’t hear back from anyone for 7 days (even though I sent several follow up emails). At this point Kat the customer experience manager apologized and asked some questions. I responded, and haven’t heard anything in 11 days. Currently I still have no response.

I have always had a bit of a hard time with Knack support, but in recent months they have gotten better. And then this. Is this normal? Do others have similar experiences? I am on a “corporate” plan, which means that I should be getting 24hr responses according the website.

Anyone know how to escalate this?

I send a few support requests and don’t tend to have many problems. I try to do video screencasts when I send in my support requests, I use ScreenCastify which costs next to nothing. Not saying you don’t know how to brief, but this works for me across many Saas solutions I use as part of my business.

As part of the Expert Network I have access to a direct Slack channel where I have reached out to Kat (Kat Olsheske - Head of Customer Support) on your behalf. :+1:

Hi Max! I truly apologize about the negative experience here. We’ve worked really hard on improving our processes to ensure quicker response times, and I am sadly disappointed that this one fell through the cracks. Regarding this issue specifically, when I jumped in to help, the app had already been restored and I forwarded the summary document you requested from Eli, but it sounds like you didn’t receive it.

I am, unfortunately, not in our ticket queue as much as I would like and I admit that I should have checked on your ticket instead of just assuming that you received the forwarded document. I do see that Eli reached out again with the same information, and I hope you received it this time. I also reached out to you via direct email and my calendar link is on my signature. If you need anything else besides that write-up, please don’t hesitate to connect with me via my direct mail or schedule a call with me via my calendar link.

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Sorry you had this experience.
I never really dealt with customer service, but I can say that all the technical tickets I sent were answered within a day (not necessarily resolved, but at the very least discussed), which I find really impressive.

Thanks Carl :smiley:

Thanks for the help Carl, and thank you for the response Kat.

For the sake of the discussion here, support did get back to me. I have had mostly positive responses from the support team on simple issues, when it gets complex the support gets rockier.

Kat I appreciate the direct email and will be reaching out to get discuss on a call!

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I agree with this - generally the basic support is pretty good of late, but when the issue is slightly complex, or especially if it goes to the “engineering team”, it often all falls over. I have mentioned this before to the support team. What I find particularly frustrating when an issue goes to the engineering team, is that you can’t communicate directly with them, so there is always this third party involved which often gets complicated and very frustrating. I’d love to see Knack make some improvements in this respect.