Hide blank fields in form email notifications

Does anyone know of a way to hide empty fields in a form email notification? When someone applies for a job, I want to send their resume in an email, but there are always large empty spaces where the blank fields are and it looks terrible.

Thanks in advance!

371928693712 That's definitely beyond my capabilities, but I will bring it up with the client and if they want to pursue it, we can hire someone. It really helps to know what's possible, so thank you for that!

Hi Kimberly, 

With a little bit of custom scripting it would be possible to have a dynamic email notification. The way this word work is by having a hidden input element for the email body (this is what would be sent) and the contents of this input element would be dynamically generated via JavaScript, once you click send it would send the contents of this input element. It would be relatively easy to set this up if you have any experience with JavaScript. 

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