Hide Action Link for specific time periods

Currently I have an “Action Link” button that when pressed, an email is sent to a defined address and a field on the page will display date and time when email was sent. What I would like to do is hide this action link button for a given time for an example 2 minutes from the time that is displayed in date/time field.

Example: User presses action link button on 02/23/2023 10:00am, action link disappears until 10:02am.

This would help eliminate the user continually pressing action link button and gives enough time for email to be sent and received.

Thank you in advanced… JON

Hi @Jon1,

You could add a Date/Time field “ActionButtonPressed” and an Equation field “DisplayActionButttonUntil” (here: calculating the display time in hours) .

Pressing the “Action Button” should update the field “ActionButtonPressed”.

The “ActionButton” will be displayed when the calculation of “ActionButtonDisplayedUntil” is after the current time.

Does this help?


@Wolfgang_Brötz, I appreciate the response and the working solution… JON