Hide a form field based on an account record field

Is it possible to display/hide fields in a form based on the value of a field found in the user's account record? It seems like it's only possible to show/hide form fields based on the values input into other fields. Is there a work around? I also thought maybe I'd need to make two versions of the form and redirect the user to the correct version based on this condition, but it seems I can only redirect the user after the form is submitted.

Here's the story: I am building a database for boat club members. MEMBERS (accounts) can have multiple BOATS, but normally only have one. SAIL PLANS are submitted by members whenever they plan to be away for 24 hrs or more. For members with more than one boat, it makes sense to display a list of their boats, so they can identify which boat they are taking in a given sail plan. However, since most members have only one boat, it would be nice to hide the list of Member's boats when the member has only one and display the field only when a member needs to choose which boat they are taking.

Thanks! That does help. I didn't notice that configuration option.

There may be another way of looking at this - if you display the list of boats as radio buttons and set the default to First Option then if they have one boat the correct one will always be selected and if they have may then it's just one click to select the correct one.

Hope this helps?