Have a horizontal sldier with a range of 1-10

For covid related health questions i need a horizontal slider with a range pf 1-10... Is this posible with CSS or something.  Any good ideas would be really appreciated.  Thank you

Make sure you add a character under "instructions" when you build the form. Otherwise the instruction field doesn't display when you look at the live app. Just put any letter in the form builder under the instructions box of the slider field.

Hi all - 

Is there a way to use a slider when executing a search. ie You use the Knack search function for results? Can I turn one of the search fields into a slider?

Any & all help is appreciated!

You can add this to Tony's code to display the value of the slider in the instruction field-underneath the slider.


$("#kn-input-field_7").live("click", function() {

var sliderEl = document.getElementById("field_7").value;
document.querySelector('#kn-input-field_7 > p').innerHTML = sliderEl;


Hi guys, I have a use-case to make a List view behave as a slider. I remember to have seen the code in the forum but can’t find it again.

tks for the help.