Have a cool graphic text and link when list is empty instead of the "No Data" Text

The "No Data" Text and input directly changes the HTML text. By adding HTML you can give your app a bit more proffesional styling and link to a form like this below. So when you have nothing on a table of list view it looks really cool.

So if you go to options on a list or tabel go to "options" you can simply paste your HTML into the ""No Data" Text" field option.

<p>Oh no you have no references.    <a href="page you want the link to go to/">Click here</a> </p><a href=#></a><img src="url of image "></a>

You will need to create a image and give it a URL http://tinypic.com/?t=postupload Is good.

You will need to do some CSS styling too.

If you need any help just let me know jonathan.mart.parsons@gmail.com

I really inspired by this website and this website are too good are I have a question this type are are used in subline to write HTML code and CSS code write I see the fonts style on Fonts Tera

Hi mark, im not quite sure what you mean mutible versions of the same app. Do you mean pages, lists, tables or copies of your app? The no data text is a div eliment that is a exclusive option for lists and tables so for each that is different you can apply seperate HTML code and links and where they refresh to. Im quite happy to do some html for you drop me a email if you like

The url would need to be relative for use in multiple versions of the same app and the table appears in an item details page so would be different for each item. When deleting an item the table doesn't refresh, the only way it currently refreshes is to use the browser button or keyboard shortcut. It's not a big issue as deletions will be rare but it would be nice to have. Thanks.

You can just put the url in HTML tag of that page. However wont this just reload to show the same thing.

I like this. How would I make that link refresh the page? Currently my message just says 'Refresh page after deletion'. This may be basic for most people but I get confused between html versions. Thanks.