Grid View Inline Editing without the extra clicks

It would be great if the Grid view could allow you to interact witht he table more like a spreadsheet (think or similar) Currently to update a multiple choice field you need to:

  1. Click on the “cell”
  2. Click on the drop down
  3. Select Value
  4. Click Submit

Ideally it should be

  1. Click on cell
  2. Select Value

Happy to here any workarkound is the meanwhile.
There are many other benfits of a live spreadsheet type view. I remember seeing simething on the forums way back but couldnt find it


Hi @Amaan we are working on this - would love to get your feedback -
Please book a meeting with me if you are interested!


Awesome :star_struck:

Hi Kara,
Sounds exciting, Calendly shows no availabilities and didn’t let me click forward to January.

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@Amaan Thanks so much for letting me know - I have updated Calendly if you can try again!

Done, Look forward to it

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I have javascript for this. It only works for editing text and numbers though.