Free localization / Localize alternative


For a multilingual application Knack is referring users to Localize.

Unfortunately this service is quite expensive for SMBs, especially since you often only need to translate table headings and (reoccurring) button/tab texts.

Here are two alternatives:

  1. Free: -  self hosted, I partly got it working (needs fiddling)
  2. Free/Paid: - works using Knack's LazyLoad.js

Hope this helps.

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I am now using

  • Free plan for up to 2000 words
  • First pricing tier @ US$20 a month


Disable automatic machine translation under "settings" if you just want to translate your application (buttons, messages, login screen, table headings etc.) and not your data

Otherwise all data will be translated too, which uses up a lot of words.


The Knack integration mentioned on website is outdated.

It took some testing but here's how you can get it to work:

1. Create a file on your own hostingplan (website?), I called mine translate.js2. Copy/paste the account specific code in that file without <script>-tags. It looks like:

siteId: 1234567,
cacheall: true,
detectnew: true

3. Lazy load the Localizer script and your selfhosted script (I called mine translate.js)

LazyLoad.js([''], function () {

LazyLoad.js(['https://yourdomein.tld/translate.js'], function () {

Hope this is useful.

We started using Localize the last month. It works flawlessly we are paying $50 a month for the service. Little expensive but feels worth it for how much work it's saved us.