Forum font color?

The forum text is a very light color on a white background. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is it seriously designed by a knucklehead? Please tell me I’m missing a setting that can give more contrast to between the text and the background.

This is what the forum looks like for me on my iPhone. It’s the same on my PC. I’ve never seen any settings to change the font colour. :man_shrugging:

Here is how it appears on my laptop (Macbook)

Found it! There is a setting within the Knack forum for Dark Mode.

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Yeah it’s definitely not working as intended.

Logged out I got the light on white in Chrome for Android when the system was set to Dark Mode. It did give black on white if I turned the system wide dark mode off.

As soon as I logged in, it also gave me black on white even with system set to Dark.

I then went to the settings and told it to use dark mode. It put some dark insets to the settings pages, but the main forum went back to light on white.

Very odd.

Hi there,

We’ve noticed this issue to be reproducible across many different devices (Apple & Android mobile devices, tablets, Macbooks, and PCs) and browsers when you are not logged into the forum. Once logged in, your preferences setting will be applied and it will no longer appear in the off white font color.

We have since enabled the ability to change your Color Scheme settings within the Preferences > Interface section in case it is affecting any users while they are logged in.

We have also noticed that this doesn’t seem to affect all users, and not all users have been successful in reproducing the issue. We believe it could be a device setting that is causing this.

If you’re using an Apple device, this article may be helpful: Google Chrome text colour issues - Apple Community

In the meantime, we have reached out to our forum’s service provider for further assistance on correcting this for the users that are affected. I will post any updates here directly in the thread- stay tuned!

Thank you all for sharing :slight_smile:

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Ahh! Thank you all! This was driving me nuts!

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Thanks Les! It was a bit of a bugger.

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