Change Calendar Text Color

Does anyone now how to change the default color of the text in the calendar from white to black or any other color. I chose light pastel colors for my calendar and the white is just hard to read. I really appreciate any help!

I can answer that one, although its a way around the issue. We had the same problem. Solved it by creating a text equation field called 'Display' which showed the normal field you needed (in out case 'Name') and then simply added the date field at the end ... then use this as the calendar display field ... I know it shows the date again, but it does serve the purpose

the end result looks like this

Brad, I have ONE more thing I am desperate for help with on this calendar. After that I am sure its complete. Is there any way you can help direct me to somewhere I can figure out how add the end time to the event on the month view of the calendar? Right now it shows the start time only.

Thank you again, you helped me guess how to bold the font we just turned black, and it worked. I appreciate it so much Brad. Have a great day.


The Knack developer docs is actually a great place to start and introduces the basics as well as working with Knack CSS - see

Pay attention especially how to identify the right CSS selectors - learning a browsers inspection tools helps a lot.

You'll be modifying your apps appearance in no time, and from there hitting up Google for CSS questions will often lead to great sites such as:

And you'll find stacks of Knack CSS customisations in the community:

Good luck!

Thank you so much Brad! I really appreciate it. Where do you suggest I go to begin learning about css. I looked at a few websites, but anyone specifically?

Thanks again!

Hi Ben, style change = CSS code. This works for me:

.fc-event-inner {color: black;}