Formatted String for Order Number


Is there a way on a field type to be able to do the following:

Create a field formatted like this

PO-000001 and the number is incremented on each new record so PO-000002, PO-000003 etc.



Hi Steve,

Please see the below video explanation for how I’d achive this with some Conditional Rules and a concatenated Text Formula. As mentioned on the video, replace the Number field with an Auto Increment

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Thank you very much Carl, whilst not ideal, this definitely works for me.

PS. I’ve just watched one of your YouTube videos for some education as I’m brand new to Knack.

Keep up the good work!



Hi Steve - welcome to Knack…. if you could mark this as a “solution” it would be appreciated :+1:

There is probably another way to do this, that I’m not aware of :thinking:. It’s not pretty but I’m glad the mix of conditional rules provides a solution.

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