Form Submission -Form Rules - second Stage - to be implemented after the records are connected in the first batch of rules but before the submission rules are executed

One of the most frustrating things about Knack is that the connections made using form rules are not implemented until after the form has been submitted. In many cases, it makes sense to pull information from the object you are connecting with a form for use in the same interaction.

Currently, the only way around this is to create a 2 stage form that makes the connection upon the first submission and then uses that connection upon the second form submission - This makes for an ugly UI experience.

If Knack were to add a second stage for rules on each form submission, which was implemented after the first batch had already been executed but before the submit rules were executed then builders would be able to use the connections created in the first batch of rules in the second batch of rules without creating a two stage form.

The entire process would be invisible to the app users and their experience would be vastly improved.

This could be improved by hiding the page completely and adding a spinner. Please post any improvements if you make any.

In case anyone is interested - I was able to get this javascript working to help with this issue - although it's not the most elegant solution.

Just add this code to the javascript editor to submit the form 2 seconds after the page loads automatically.

This could come in handy when you need to make 2 stage forms - where the first connects records and then the second uses that connection but you don't want the user to have to click through multiple screens. 2 seconds seems to be about right to make sure that the page has loaded. If it hasn't then it will run again 2 seconds later.

$(".view_226 > form").submit();
}, 2000);