Find Object's Cost based on Most recent Invoice

Goal: Track the Production costs of different recipes for a restaurant because the cost of their recipe’s ingredients are changing a lot.

Problem: I can’t get the production costs to automatically update based on the MOST RECENT ingredients’ costs.

Simply entering the cost of the ingredients in my Ingredients object won’t work because the cost of these ingredients will change, and I want the production cost of these recipes to reflect those changes, BUT ALSO store the old production costs / ingredients’ costs.

My current Objects are:

Recipe Ingredients
Ingredients Costs

If I need to provide any more info, please let me know.

My email is if anyone would like to reach out further.

Thank you!


I’d suggest something like creating a Recipe Cost object and then writing a new cost value everytime an ingredient cost is updated.

That way you could track the cost incr/decr over time.

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Thank you Dean!