Filter for a text string inside a multiple choice field

I have a multiple choice field with values like:

- Government:Federal

- Government:State

- Government:Local

- Corporation:ForProfit

- Corporation:Nonprofit

I'd like to be able to set up a filter that will show all records that include the "Government" label (Federal, State, and Local). I thought that the "CONTAINS" operator would work, but that operator doesn't let you enter a text value -- you have to choose one of the multiple choice values.

The search function will find the prefix, but I was hoping to put a filter together so that someone could select it quickly using a button. Any ideas?



Agree with the initial comment above. The "Contains" filter is useless if it doesn't allow you to type in a simple word like "Govt" and return all the different "Govt" permutations.

This has been a major frustration in our workflows as well. We can sometimes get around the filtering limitations by using the keyword search, but often times returns too many irrelevant results from keying into different phrase fields for a particular record.

Please revisit the filtering logic - there are many issues like this including the AND / OR filtering conundrum.