Filter connected records to hide "Archived" items

I have recently changed my apps so users cannot hard delete records - only “archive” them. This is done by using a record rule to switch a Yes/No field to hide it from the grid.
An unexpected consequence of this is that when an archived record was previously connected to another object, I want to hide it from any grid columns, but there isn’t a filter option to do so.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi @Craig_Anderson, there is no current way of doing this. This has been a pain point for me recently, where I simply leave it out of grids in these cases.
You would need to develop some JS that loops through each of the items in that particular field on any grid, and hides it based on the archived flag.
I’d be happy to help you with something like that if you want to message me on the side.

EDIT: Also, I recommend adding this as a feature request for sure. You have my +1!

Thanks for the reply and offer of help Stephen.
I plan to roll back my app to its original state, as I have many places in the app where connected objects are displaying in columns.
I’ll definitely put in a feature request!

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Could you use a text formula in the child (connected) record that displays blank when the record is “deleted” - and use that as the display value in the link?

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Yes I thought of that. May work, but you wouldn’t be able to click the link and go direct to the applicable page (which is handy).

This almost works using a short text with conditional rules and connection links enabled on that column, however it leaves some blank spaces, e.g. Task 1 and 3 are both archived:

Ok, that’s interesting. I’ll have a play around with that. Thanks :slight_smile: