Extract Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) from an address

Is there a way to extract the latitude and longitude from an address field?

I run groups in various areas, but for privacy and security I don't want to show the exact location publicly on our website. Only people who have joined groups have access to the actual address. To do that, I added another Address field to my Groups Object, entitled "Public Address". It is an latitude / longitude input address. I then take the coordinates from the Actual Address, remove the last 3 decimal places and enter these coordinates into the Public Address field. In addition I hide the address on the map view. (See this post).

Currently I do this manually whenever I create a group or change the address, using Google Maps to get the coordinates. But it would save a lot of time if I could do it automatically using record rules.

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Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m struggling with this issue as well.

Unfortunately using a text formula field still won’t allow you to extract the latitude and longitude data.

Personally I’d do it with Integromat as the data would be submitted as part of the bundle.