Exporting records with data from fields in associated records

I’m trying to use Google Apps Script, Make, or Zapier to fetch a record with data from fields in associated records. I’m really just asking if it can be done at all and for a nudge in the right information. So far I have not been able to make the connection to a field within an associated record.

I’ve got some ideas for cumbersome work rounds that involve exporting multiple objects to a spreadsheet and using a ton of script to assemble what I need. But if there was a way that I could avoid it, it would save me a huge headache.

This is an example of one of many ways I’ve tried. I was able to pull field_23. But it ignored field 68. It showed no errors.

   { key: 'field_23', fieldName: 'title' },  
   { key: 'field_69', relatedObject: 'object_16', relatedField: 'field_68', fieldName: 'context' },

See the image and thank you for your thoughts in advance.