Export and import specific data (files, images, etc.) to a different object

I’m doing some cleanup work in some of our objects in our app (moving data off of one object to another), and one of the biggest objects in our app happens to have a large number of file and image fields. When I export data, typically all I have to do is check the formatting of the .csv and re-import it to the new object.

Is it possible to export and import files to a different object? Images? Can I use a “URL/file location” for the field value and Knack would fetch the document/image and upload it to the new object?

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You can export your data from any table and then import that same file into another table: Importing Records. To learn more about batching importing images, see this anchored section here.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have further questions; they will be happy to help! You can email them at support@knack.com or submit this form here: Contact Knack Support & Learn More.

So the images could only be done externally at this point, and this doesn’t work for files? If I read this correctly.

Hey @Michael8, I’ve had to do this in a few solutions before to move files from one table (object) to another. Here’s how it works:


  • A file field in the original table, and a file field in the new table
  • A connection field in the new table that connects to the original table
  • Each record in the new table is connected to a record in the original table
  • A Knack task that updates the new table, with a rule to update the file field to the connected original table’s file field

When run, this should update the new table’s file field with reference to the original table’s same stored file.
This works on both file and image type fields, as well as any field type really!
Hope that helps!

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Godsend! Works perfectly, thank you!

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