Embedded Calendar - Inconsistent Spacing Between Events

Hi! I'm new to Knack - hope this is the right place to post a question like this.

I have embedded a Knack calendar page on my website: http://www.cpe.rutgers.edu/calendar/knack-calendar-test.html

On days where there are multiple events happening, the spacing between the events is inconsistent. For example, on Feb. 20, the space between the first two events is noticeably larger than the space between the second and third event. March 5 and March 26 are other examples. On Feb. 26 and March 23, there are only two events happening but there is a huge space between them.

Initially, some events had no space between them, which I fixed by adding some CSS to my webpag, but

.fc-event {
margin-bottom:25px !important;

But now I don't know what to do about the places where there is too much space between events. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!