Embed video in email

Ok todays problem.

We have set knack to send a custom email when a form is submitted and with the email text we have inserted an instructional vimeo/video .

The problem is the video does not display when the email is sent.

Any ideas?

Hi BJ,

My first thought is that even if properly inserted into the email body, the email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc) may not render the video by default. It may require the user to open the video in the browser to view regardless of the method you insert into the email.

Are you inserting as a link or an embed code? Either way, not sure that it will work as you had intended.

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Using vimeo via the video link as per knack input feilds

So work around for sending video in email, make a gif and send that with the email and load the video in the destination page on Knack. Tell people in the email the video will load on a new page.

Does not seem as if the mail servers will let you video embeds work unless you are on a expensive plan , :wink: