Embed a video (Instructional Screen Captures) in a link on Knack Page

Knack drives a lot of customer support activities.

Our application is very intuitive, but to assist someone totally new, I'd like embed a screen capture video with some instruction on a help page.

Any suggestions or are we better redirecting them to a word press page on our website?

Many thanks Laura - it works really well!

Hi Adrian,
On one of your Knack pages, you would be able to use the Rich Text View, and then use the insert video option. If you have it hosted somewhere that an embed code is available, you'll be able to insert that embed code or link directly to a YouTube/Vimeo link.

If your video is in a format other than YouTube/Vimeo, for which you have an embed code, you can add the HTML directly into the view by clicking the "< >" icon as well.