Email Notification Color & Positioning

Currently we have a notifications that appears on the top right side of the page. Is there a way to customize the location of this notifications, say in the middle of the page?

Also, how do you change the color of the notification and the text. I have gone into “Live App Design”, Look and Feel" and change the colors to text= white and the background to red (#fb031d). In the preview on the look and feel page it shows the white text with red background, but when the notification appears after an email is sent, the colors look to be the default blue background with white text.

After looking closer at the notification, the settings and creating a example app, the notification does appear in red as desired in the example app. It appears due to the fact I have my header background color as blue in my main app, the notification preview is appearing in blue. You can see a slight red outline in the main app’s notification window.

This being said, is there a way to bring the notifications preview “forward” in front of the header’s background color?

Any and all help is appreciated… JON

Update: Notifications works as expected (red background) when user presses an action link button on main and edit pages but background is in blue with a slight red outline on view details page’s when user presses action link.

Any ideas from any and all on a fix for this, is greatly appreciated… JON