Edit View Using Menu

I have an edit view organized by using Menu pages. Here is the table with a link:

Edit Billing Link

Here is the Edit View consisting only of a menu:


Here is the Menu settings:

The Menu has “Navigate to first link automatically” checked.

Here is the breadcrumb and “Back to…” links.


The link called “Bill Launch” is the original edit page which holds the Menu. But clicking on that link returns you to Bill #2 due to the “Navigate to first link automatically” . What you really need is to have the “Bill Launch” link not display at all since it’s confusing to the user.

Any suggestions?

There is a simple solution to this. I can include a menu button for the Bill_Launch page and make that be part of the editable view (after all, it is the original edit page) and turn off the auto-navigate feature. But it doesn’t highlight dark blue the way the other menu buttons do. So that is also confusing to the user.

Suggestion to Knack: highlight the button for the page holding the menu if it’s included.