Don't show Table Headings


Is there a way to NOT show the table headings of a specific table - both in the view and when the table records are exported to csv or txt?
I want to import the data into another application, which doesn’t accept table headings. I also don’t want to have to edit each export (deleting the headings) before being able to import it into the other application.


You can easily do this in the view level by just using jquery to remove thead tag but it’s not that simple for the export… You’ll have to come up with a complete custom code solution for this as far as I’m aware…

One option to explore is bypassing Knack’s export feature and use a 3rd party for advanced controls. I’ve spent a little time with ( and it was pretty simple to implement. They have a feature that creates a new Export button on your table and you then attach options to it. I briefly looked at setting ‘Export Options’ as I was curious from your question. Seems like you got a good shot at accomplishing this.

For reference on how I implemented this on my app:

  1. From the homepage I included the JS & CSS file from them in my custom JS code in app.
  2. On the page where my View and table exist I grabbed the View # and copied the dom path that points to my table.
  3. In my custom JS code for that view, I inserted their snippet from the homepage like below.
$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_208', function(event, view, records) {
    $('#view_208 table').DataTable();
  1. Implementation worked for me but I did not try your export customizations.

Good luck!