Divider Lines Customization

Would like to customize static divider lines to be solid, dashed, or dotted. Adjust the weight of the line and color as well.

Totally agree, it would be great to have some customisation options on static dividers.
You can add the below code snippets to a Rich Text component to allow you to customise the colour of the dividing line. I don’t have a dashed or dotted option. :grinning:

Simple Dividing Line
<hr style="background-color:#286EF0;height:3px;width:100%;" />

With Radius
<hr style="background-color:#30859C;height:10px;width:100%;border-radius: 5px;" />

Text Divider
<p style="color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#2480ce;text-align:center;font-size:20px;">Medication</p>

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Thanks for sharing! There is no way to add rich text to forms, but this is certainly helpful for other aspects of designing the app.

You can add HTML to a “Copy / Title” field or even to the label instructions.