Disable View More / View Less

I have a table that has a paragraph text object labeled “Notes” where the user can enter notes about a product. What I would like to do is complete remove the “view more / less” link and replace it with an icon that when clicked opens up a balloon where the user can enter notes. Right now, when there is notes (not blank) both the icon and view more/less is shown. My goal is to ONLY show an icon when there is notes and the user clicks the icon the note balloon is opened and notes are inputted or read. Basically I want to eliminate the words “view more/less” and only show the icon when notes are present.

Not possible with Knack natively, as you’re probably aware. This would require custom code, if possible. Hopefully a coder will be able to help you.
If you don’t get any replies here you could reach out to an expert directly as some are expert coders and may be able to take on this request.

Thanks Carl for the response and info. I’m hoping an “expert” has a solution they will share with me.