Deleting records SLOW


I have an object in use with 70,000+ records, with several connections. Trying to delete records is like watching paint dry - takes forever! does anyone have any tips on deletions?


Only to start it all in one go rather than a page at a time, using carefully set filters to only select the records you want to delete. And after you start it, you can leave the page and it will keep going to completion. A good thing to kick off at the end of your day.

the other option is to use a ‘soft delete’ approach in the App - where you have a field Delete=Yes/No. I then add a filter to all front-end views (except an admin one) to only show where Delete<>No. Then you just update that value to ‘delete’ records from users’ view. Of course, that won’t work if you are trying to free up space/speed things up/clean up/etc.